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Last updated May 24, 2020
Riss & Quan - TrulyCraved
Riss & Quan: "I want to give a huge shoutout to TrulyCraved. They gave me this customized necklace & it’s absolutely beautiful. So TrulyCraved makes customized gifts that’s manufactured with nothing but love and care. I love it. As you guys know, the holiday season is coming up & I feel like this will be a great way to gift a loved one or a friend. So head on to TrulyCraved & get your customized items now. "
Riss and Quan - TrulyCraved
The Rich Way - TrulyCravedRichie: “I’m so excited to show you guys. I teamed up with this necklace company called TrulyCraved, that hooked me up with 2 couple necklaces. I’m telling you guys, I’d never promote something that I don’t like. I had the opportunity to customize it how I want; my name, her name, put arrows, put hearts, anything! I think this looks so fireeeee. I’d wrap you to let the world know, Angelika, you’re my girlfriend.” Angelika: “Oh this is so cute. Oh my gosh! Babe.. I love it. It’s thick too. It’s so pretty. Look how cute that is! I really like thissss!”
The Rich Way - TrulyCraved

Sham Idrees VLOGS - TrulyCraved

Sham Idrees VLOGS: "Hey beautiful people, I wanna give a special thanks to TrulyCraved as they hooked me out with some crazy necklaces for our baby girl Sierra. When Froggie gets into the car, I’m gonna surprise her with these beautiful necklaces and she’s gonna absolutely love this. One says Sierra in Arabic, in gold and another one says Sierra in English, and has a cute little crown on it cause she’s a princess." Froggie: "Awwwwww this is so cute. I want to wear this, I’d have her name on me all the time.”

Sham Idrees VLOG - TrulyCraved

DJ'S FAMILY! - TrulyCraved

DJ’s Family: "I got to let you guys know about this dope, dope, super dope jewelry company called TrulyCraved, that specializes in customizing your jewelry the way you want it. You guys can get different types of font, with your name on it. Dejha got her name made “Dejhalei” and I got my sister Tkaiya in disney style font. I also got my mom’s one made “Monique”. You can get it made with different types of style. Go check them out now and get some jewelry made!"

DJ’s Family - TrulyCraved

Runiktv - TrulyCravedRuniktv: "I’m flexing with my new necklace on, got it from TrulyCraved~ it says Runik man! It’s so hot yeahs! I’m telling you You could go up to anybody, you could buy it for your girl, ye significant other. You know, this would be the perfect gift for anyone. You can put any name on it bro! You can get your mama name, anyone! And look, shopping at the website is easy, you know they got all types of custom stuff you could get, this is the best website ever, I suggest everybody go check them out right now!"

Runiktv - TrulyCraved

Miamithekid - TrulyCravedMiamithekid: "TrulyCraved makes custom necklace pieces. You can put any name you want, you can choose from different fonts to make your necklace good and can add different types of features on your necklace to make it pop! Also, the good thing about this necklace is their good material, they’re solid, and they don’t feel cheap! If you ever want to get a custom necklace made, this is the best place to get it, for ya girl, ya aunt, ya grandma, your mum and dad, you can get everybody necklaces!"

Miamithekid - TrulyCraved

Cam and Nie - TrulyCravedCam and Nie: “Special shoutout to TrulyCraved, they do customized necklaces. As yáll can see, I’m wearing his name, he’s wearing my name. The customer service was very professional, they responded very quickly, they are very nice. Basically you can customize the whole thing, like whatever you want on it; you can put a little heart underlining, and he put a little crown on my N for my name and also a star underlined, so I thought that that was very cool and creative. All the packaging it came in with is very cute and it’s great especially if you are giving it to somebody. Like “here you go!”. So yall go tap in with TrulyCraved and get your necklace, we love them!”

Cam & Nie - TrulyCraved

Mommyof3xo - TrulyCraved

Mommyof3xo: "I would like to thank TrulyCraved for sending me 2 necklaces that are personalized with my name on them! I’m really impressed with their quality and the necklaces are so cute. The first necklace just says Lacey, it’s plain and super cute. I’m so excited to wear them! You can customize with a whole bunch of different designs that you can choose from, there’s different shapes like my hearts and squiggly underline. I thought that that was really cool. Here’s how it looks when I’m wearing them. It’s super cute. I’m so in love with these necklaces, you won’t regret it."

Mommyof3xo - TrulyCraved

Mckayla Adkins - TrulyCraved

Mckayla Adkins: “I just got sent some stuff from TrulyCraved. They have amazing quality and they have awesome items. Like literally, they’re so cute. They come in a bag, a little box, pouch and thank you cards, super nice. My necklace says “Kay” with one of the popular fonts and I freaking love it, I’d wear it everyday. Like it’s just so my style and I’m just really glad that I chose this necklace. It’s probably one of the best jewelry that I’ve ever purchased. All opinions are my own, I don’t want you guys to feel that I’m being paid to say these stuff. But this necklace is seriously the best. I really think you guys should go check it out and pick out your favorite jewelry.” 

Mckayla Adkins

itss twins - TrulyCraveditss twins: “We would like to reach out to this company, TrulyCraved, all their jewelry is 100% real. It’s perfect for your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, whatever. Yáll make sure to check them out! They have a bunch of different fonts, and mine has a key and lock on. This is a good jewelry for real, see the shine, blink blink!” 

itss twins

Dunjahh - TrulyCravedDunjahh: "I just want to give a quick shoutout to TrulyCraved. They are wonderful, they sent me this beautiful necklace which I got to design myself, I was the boss over everything. It says: Dungeon loves Dej. And they got so much to choose out of; like your own name, someone else’s name, you can do whatever you want, you can even write Pooppoop! Just use your imagination. You can go for rose gold, which I did, it’s so adorable! They have so many font styles there’d be at least one font that you like! Also, if you’d like to be a little extra with this necklace, you can add underlining design and decorative symbol which I did, which will make the necklace 10x cuter! So go check them out and get a cute necklace like mine!"

Dunjahh - TrulyCraved

Swaggie E - TrulyCravedSwaggie E: “We want to give a huge shoutout to TrulyCraved, they gave dope necklaces, I got my baby’s name on it, it says Meila and has two stars. Hers is Meila with hearts on it. Sexy babyy~ You guys can choose different fonts, it’s so cute. Come in these bags, you could give it as a gift for people too. Make sure to check them out.”

Swaggie E


SWAYY N JAYYY: "I really like this necklace because you can customize it, they have so many fonts, so many symbols you can use, like there’s all types of ways you can put it. But you know this is my little princess right here. So i got her a princess and put a crown on it, tell me that isn’t cool." 

SWAYY N JAYYY - TrulyCraved

Dayana’s Life - TrulyCravedDayana's Life: "They send me a necklace, and I have chosen a necklace with my aunt’s name. I Choose it for her as a gift. They even have a gift bag to put the box and the necklace, so you know you can give it as a gift."

Dayana’s Life - TrulyCraved

Ky and Kae - TrulyCravedKy and Kae: “Shoutout to the brand TrulyCraved, they’re a jewelry company. It’s not just regular ordinary jewelry, you guys might think it’s like a piece and ok that’s cool but no! This is so freaking cute! It’s a KY&KAE necklace. This is a chain, an awesome one. Yáll see the details, it’s got the drip on it. Yáll gonna be rocking this man, we’re gonna rock this together with you.”

Ky & Kae

Dami & Bella - TrulyCravedDami and Bella: “You got to go and check them out! TrulyCraved is a necklace company that lets you customize name necklaces, for unisex, for just male and for females, you can’t beat it! The buying process is super easy, you can’t go wrong. TrulyCraved really cares about their customers, they make sure you keep it right. Look at mine, I have Bella on me, and Bella has me (Dami). Get someone you love a gift. Right, and even if you want to get your name, rock your own name.”

Dami and Bella

Tatianna & TyjaeTatianna & Tyjae: “I just wanna give a huge shoutout to TrulyCraved. They sent me 2 necklaces and it’s so freaking bomb. Ya gonna get ya boom, ya babe, ya girls, ya moms or sisters, brothers some necklaces! They have so many options like a butterfly on top of my T of Tatianna because I love butterflies and for Amani, I kept it plain. It’s just so freaking dope! Yáll go check them out!”

Tatianna & Tyjae

Philippine with LexPhinesse with Lex: "But I did want to mention this necklace that I have, that I have worn that says “Lex”. This necklace has a very long chain on it, you can get it even longer if you like. The designs are really cool and you can design however you like. You can put as many words, the different types of font, also there’s a little design here where you can see the heart and the wings, you can change that up if you want as well."

Phinesse with Lex - TrulyCraved

Kaylin and Adryan - TrulyCravedKaylin and Adryan: “TrulyCraved sent us this cute little necklace, Kaylin’s is a rose gold scubieee, disney font, it’s pretty banger right?! Look at mine in gold, it says scubieee with an underline and a heart at the end. You can add different icons with a whole bunch of options, so go check them out and get a cute little gift for your boyfriend, girlfriend, anybody you love!”

Kaylin and Adryan - TrulyCravedTHE DIAMOND FAMILY - TrulyCravedThe Diamond Family: “I’m surprising my girlfriend with these high quality customized necklaces and she’s gonna flip out cause these are crazy nice. They’re really amazing, they killed it. It means the world to us. Oh my god. I love it so much, it’s so pretty, shiny and feels so good. The necklace is a good size. Mine has a crown and a star underlining, hers has some hearts. We’re gonna be wearing this every single day to show how much we love you guys. Go surprise your family, relatives, anyone with this. This is like the best gift ever.”

The Diamond Family - TrulyCraved

Bubbles Da Baddie - TrulyCravedBubbles Da Baddie: "I love this necklace, because its like a groovy vibe, gives you an all time vibe, but it is still super cute, I wore this like everyday honestly."

Bubbles Da Baddie - TrulyCraved

Prince Carter - TrulyCravedPrince Carter: "You can do an underline, you can change the font, you can have different size necklaces, you can do everything with this necklace. Look at the stuff that comes with the necklace, is not any necklace, is a premium necklace. Look at the quality man."

Prince Carter - TrulyCraved

Abe and Sav - TrulyCravedAbe and Sav: "This is going to be a surprise for Savannah, and is going to be something to top off the night. Is perfect because it actually just came in a few days ago. It is really dope because it gave me a card in the bag to write a little note to Savannah. It already makes it 10 times more special. When I customize this, they reach back and give me suggestions to make it a little better. Is not like they are telling me my design was trash, but they were trying to help me. Get my money's worth. And I’m glad they did what they did, because it looks awesome." 

Abe and Sav - TrulyCraved

MedKinza - TrulyCraved MedKinza: "My necklace came in 1-2 weeks, so it is pretty fast delivery that I’m happy with. What’s great about the website was I was able to pick from different fonts of how I want my name to look like. I am really happy with my purchase because I love how it looks."

MedKinza - TrulyCraved

The Delaveaus - TrulyCravedThe Dealaveaus: "OMG, I am in love with this, I am shaking because I am so excited! I can’t wait to surprise him with this later when he gets home."

The Delaveaus - TrulyCraved

LEO & IVII - TrulyCravedLEO & IVII: "OMG that is so cute! You can customize name, you can get charms on your bracelet, you can give it to your aunty, uncle, your grandma, grandpa, your mama, daddy, your sister, your brother, yea."

LEO & IVII - TrulyCraved

Jelani Varen - TrulyCravedJelani Varen: "This is a great gift for an anniversary or birthday, just because everybody loves a name necklace. And I find this very cheap compared to the rest of them."

Jelani Varen - TrulyCraved

Videshi Lifestyle - TrulyCravedVideshi Lifestyle: "Amazing! I love it!"

Videshi Lifestyle - TrulyCraved

Daniella Lozada - TrulyCravedDaniella Lozada: "It comes with a pretty bag, a box, a cloth and a user manual to teach you how to take care of it. I really love their packaging, it is really lovely."

Daniella Lozada - TrulyCraved

Mallory Heikens - TrulyCravedMallory Heikens: "You can get any name you want, any plating color, symbols, chain lengths. There’s so many things you can customize just for you."

Mallory Heikens - TrulyCraved-----------------------------------------------------

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